Basic integration of the SDK

Initialize the SDK to enable AppsFlyer to detect installations, sessions (app opens) and updates.

Dev 키Your application devKey provided by AppsFlyer (required)
앱 IDApp ID (iOS only) you configured in your AppsFlyer dashboard
isDebug디버그 모드 - true 로 설정, 테스트 전용
onInstallConversionDataListenerSet listener for GCD response (Optional. default=true)
onDeepLinkListenerSet listener for UDL response (Optional. default=false)
timeToWaitForATTUserAuthorizationWaits for request user authorization to access app-related data. please read more here
import appsFlyer from 'react-native-appsflyer';

    devKey: 'K2***********99',
    isDebug: false,
    appId: '41*****44',
    onInstallConversionDataListener: true, //Optional
    onDeepLinkListener: true, //Optional
    timeToWaitForATTUserAuthorization: 10 //for iOS 14.5
  (result) => {
  (error) => {